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In this modern digital age, it has become very easy for all of us to collect countless photos and store them away on our computers. We are often so busy and time poor that we never get around to printing them and it often loses priority to other things happening in our lives.  I know from personal experience that I have been guilty of doing this in the past.

It is now my personal philosophy as well as my business philosophy that we should be getting our treasured moments off the computer, out of their electronic medium and displaying them proudly in our homes, whether it be in frames, canvases, brag books, albums or photo books.

It is due to this philosophy that my packages are based around collections containing albums and prints.  I appreciate that my clients would like to own their digital negatives, which is why I also make digital negatives available once a minimum print order amount is reached. However, at the end of day, I don’t want you to only have a disk of images sitting around in the back of a cupboard, never to see the light of day.  I have made the print ordering process as easy as possible by having an online system which allows you to view all your available options and then place your order at your convenience. However, I am also more than happy to have a meeting in-person to discuss your sizing and printing options if you are unsure of which prints would best suit your needs. All you need to do is make your selections and I will take care of everything else for you and arrange for your prints to be provided by my chosen high quality  printing lab and album suppliers who only deal with professionals.

So what is the difference between a professional lab and a consumer lab?  The pro lab I use is exclusively available to professional photographers and is highly regarded internationally.  I calibrate my computer weekly to match my pro lab so that what I produce on my computer screen matches what is printed (as closely as is possible).  My pro lab calibrates their printer multiple times a day to ensure quality and accuracy of colour in all their prints.  Departments stores  such as Big W, Harvey Norman and even large camera store chains just don’t have the time, resources or expertise required to put such specialised effort into maintaining their printing machines, which is why the results you get from consumer print labs are so inconsistent.  It is possible to get a good image from a consumer lab, but you should be aware the quality will be inconsistent and vary from print to print.  By ordering a pro lab print, you are guaranteed to receive a print that is as accurate as possible to how I intend your photos to look.    I have several samples available for viewing which demonstrate the difference between my professional  lab prints vs  consumer lab prints.

Similarly, my canvas supplier specialises only in canvas printing and I have selected them for the superb quality of their work.  All canvases will resist fading and are coated with a high quality coating that will protect it from moisture, UV light and scuffing.  There is a 75 year guarantee on these canvases.

My albums suppliers have been chosen after a lot of research and the quality of the albums I offer are unlike anything you can source as a consumer.  There is quite a strong storyteller element to my style of photography and I find albums are a perfect way to capture the story within the images.

Seeing my clients’ images printed is so rewarding for me as a photographer.  To know that their special moments have been made timeless and are being looked upon with fond memories truly fulfils my business vision.

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