Inspiration Board – Part 1 | {Displaying and Sharing Pieces Of Your Life}


I’ve recently become a bit of a fan of inspiration boards… Not just for their ability to provide daily inspiration, but because they are an easy way to display and share photos in a non-commited way and easy to change on a whim.  Which is good for people like me who are indecisive and change their mind about their favourite photos…. (which in my case is often because I have tooooo many photos to choose from!)

Last week I found this cute inspiration board at Target for $20.  I just loved the hessian background and the 3 slots of photos were an added bonus and just perfect for what I wanted to do.  So last Thursday night I sat down and pulled it all together and I thought I’d share a few details on how I created this board … it took me about an hour and a half from start to finish.



Firstly – these photos in the frame inserts are from a family photo session I had done by the lovely Lucy from Lucy Jane Photography way back in January (yep, even photographers need to have family photos done!  I love having photos of us as a family!).  I’ve got a whole stack of photos from this session printed waiting to be displayed/put into an album… so the longest thing about this process was deciding which three photos to use…



These cute little prints are just iPhone photos I’ve taken with Instagram.  I printed them using printstagram which falls under the Social Print Studio banner…. These are the mini prints and I think they are a great little size.  I’m a big believer in the best camera being the one you have with you… So despite the fact I have a big camera with all the fancy lenses, I’m often snapping photos with my iPhone of just everyday moments because that’s the camera I have with me… It’s an easy way to capture real life…:) I’ve hung these prints on some red and white striped twine which has been tied around some clear drawing pins and used heart paperclips to hold it all together.  The drawing pins and heart paperclips are from kikki.k.



This little camera image was created from a wooden rubber stamp I found at Typo.



I used 3×4 inch journaling cards to fill in the rest of the inspiration board… 3×4 inch cards are popular with people doing Project Life (I had grand plans to do this, but have been a total failure at this!). It’s pretty easy to whip up some 3×4 inch designs and print 6 to an A4 page… I printed these using some 180gsm A4 card stock to create these cards.

Some of these are ready-made journaling card designs from Wild Blueberry Ink and others I created myself using elements/kits from Wild Blueberry Ink.

The “Laugh Out Loud” card is created based on patterned paper from The Good Life Collaboration kit and the word art is from Felicity.

The map of South Australia with a heart is a ready-made card from the Down Under Love journalling card collection.



The card with the psalm verse was one I created myself using a photo I took recently when I was in Melbourne and the hello happiness card is a ready-made card from The Good Life Journaling Card collection.



The “Enjoy the Little Things” card is a quote that have always loved, so I created my own journalling card for this… I used elements from Innocence for this card.  The “Life is Good” card is another ready-made journalling card from The Good Life Journaling Card collection.



Lastly, if you couldn’t tell, this colourful artwork is an original… created by my big girl Elizabeth at school last week… It makes me smile, so I really couldn’t resist putting it on display here… My children are one of the biggest inspirations in my life, so it’s only fitting that this board should feature something from my kids.:)

And there you have it… an inspiration board in an hour and a half… I hope this has given you some ideas on how to share and display your life… I’m working on another inspiration board for my office at the moment too, so there will be a second part to this inspiration board series coming up in the future.  In the meantime though, if you’re inspired to create a board, link me up with your creation, I’d love to see…:)











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Pausing to Reflect | {A Little of Something Very Dear To My Heart}

One and a half weeks ago, I received a heart-breaking call from my dearest friends Chi and Mitch on Kangaroo Island… They shared the news that Mitch’s mother, Karen, had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.   Many of you know that I lost my own mother to renal cancer 9 years ago, so this news hit so very close to home on a personal level … Unfortunately I know all too well the whirlwind of emotions that comes with this kind of news…

They asked if I could come over and do an extended family photo session for them as soon as I could… And although May was already looking pretty busy for me on a business and personal level, I would have moved mountains to make this session happen…  Losing my mother to cancer has been a huge influence on how I see the world and a driving motivation in how my photography journey came to be… I truly felt like photographing this session was part of a higher calling and one of those “meant-to-be” moments in life… and I knew just how much these photos would mean to them…

So on Saturday morning I flew into Kangaroo Island for a whirlwind 24 hour stay…  With the timing of the trip occurring just the day before Mother’s Day, it gave another touch of poignancy to the whole day…

I’ve always felt that it’s one of life’s ironies that it takes the most trying of circumstances to make you appreciate what’s truly important …  At the end of the day it’s really about the people who surround you and support you… your relationships with them and the memories you share with them… I was blessed with the opportunity to share a few hours with a family that showed and expressed their love for each other with every look and every gesture … We shared cups of tea and coffee in their home… relaxed and shared a meal on the deck… played ball and ran races like lunatics in the backyard… sat and played board games with the children…  We talked and we just enjoyed being…

It’s been an incredible weekend of mixed emotions these last 48 hours… A combination of sadness and helplessness intertwined with a heart of gratefulness and thankfulness for the blessings of the present moment.  I really felt like I was given an opportunity to really pause and reassess what’s important…  I felt the meaning of life… I felt the true meaning of love… I breathed and I gave thanks for all things…

Thank you to all the Mitchells for welcoming me into their home this weekend…  Thank you for allowing me to share in a day in your lives and to capture some beautiful memories for you…   As important as these photographs are to you, I don’t think you realize just how touching and important this experience has been to me and for that I give you my heartfelt gratitude…

My love and prayers are with you Karen and the whole family, today and everyday… xoxo


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Project 52 | Week 39 | Written in Black and White

This photo tells the story of two sisters… you would never guess that big sister didn’t like little sister when she was born… (She wanted me to leave her at the hospital when she was born!)… but now… 2.5 years later it makes me smile to see how well they get along (most of the time!)…  I took this photo when we had a little weekend getaway to Victor Harbor last weekend….

Now please go visit Cara Harrison and see what black and white images she has for us this week!  Thanks for dropping by!

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Project 52 | Week 38 | Glamour

So it’s been quite a week… it’s the last week of school and we’ve been getting ready to wind down for the holidays, but at the same time we’re trying to get through the to-do list… make cakes for the cake stall… go cheer on my big girl at sports day… coordinate meetings to get some house repairs done… organise stuff for a little getaway…

So unfortunately, the most glamourous thing I could muster up this week was a bit of “Mummy Glamour”… which is really as unglamourous as it sounds…. LOL… I’m not in the habit of taking self portraits of myself, so I thought I’d try something different and loosely interpret this week’s theme…

Usually I potter about my days in the most comfortable clothes I can find (usually my skinny jeans and a top)… and in the mornings, I try to find some time to put on a touch of bb cream (if anyone is wondering I think Garnier’s BB cream for combination skin is totally awesome!) and a hint of lipgloss… and voila… that’s how you’ll find me most days… in my “everyday glamour”… Ha!

As a random side note – this morning Catherine and I were grocery shopping and as we were wandering down on the aisles, she started shouting “I see Mummy! I see Mummy!” and pointed animatedly at the shelves.  So I had to backtrack and she made me stop in front of one of the shelves with this on it (photo snapped with the iphone):


My crazy two year old totally makes me laugh…. She must think anyone with dark hair and glasses looks like me!  Thanks for thinking I look like an ex-Masterchef contestant though Catherine… I’ll take it as a compliment :)… Does anyone out there see the resemblance?  And all of you out there, you can start calling me Marion…:)

Now please hop over and visit Cara Harrison to see what glamour she has in store for us.  Thanks for dropping by!

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Project 52 | Week 37 | Dreams

I often wonder what sleeping babes dream about…


Now please visit Cara Harrison to see what dreams she’s been conjuring this week … Thanks for dropping by!


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