Project 52 | Week 38 | Glamour

So it’s been quite a week… it’s the last week of school and we’ve been getting ready to wind down for the holidays, but at the same time we’re trying to get through the to-do list… make cakes for the cake stall… go cheer on my big girl at sports day… coordinate meetings to get some house repairs done… organise stuff for a little getaway…

So unfortunately, the most glamourous thing I could muster up this week was a bit of “Mummy Glamour”… which is really as unglamourous as it sounds…. LOL… I’m not in the habit of taking self portraits of myself, so I thought I’d try something different and loosely interpret this week’s theme…

Usually I potter about my days in the most comfortable clothes I can find (usually my skinny jeans and a top)… and in the mornings, I try to find some time to put on a touch of bb cream (if anyone is wondering I think Garnier’s BB cream for combination skin is totally awesome!) and a hint of lipgloss… and voila… that’s how you’ll find me most days… in my “everyday glamour”… Ha!

As a random side note – this morning Catherine and I were grocery shopping and as we were wandering down on the aisles, she started shouting “I see Mummy! I see Mummy!” and pointed animatedly at the shelves.  So I had to backtrack and she made me stop in front of one of the shelves with this on it (photo snapped with the iphone):


My crazy two year old totally makes me laugh…. She must think anyone with dark hair and glasses looks like me!  Thanks for thinking I look like an ex-Masterchef contestant though Catherine… I’ll take it as a compliment :)… Does anyone out there see the resemblance?  And all of you out there, you can start calling me Marion…:)

Now please hop over and visit Cara Harrison to see what glamour she has in store for us.  Thanks for dropping by!

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michele caputo you have great everyday glamour!

denean Gorgeous momma!! :)

Mary Schannen That’s awesome!!!!

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